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A dreamscape is the landscape in our minds or psyches where a dream occurs. The dream can appear realistic or illusory. This show can be used as a vehicle for a wide range of visual ideas and themes. Where does the dream end and reality begin?

All packages include Scores & Parts (in PDF format), Data/Count Sheets and MP3 files.

This show is AVAILABLE for REGIONAL PROTECTION. Submit your application BEFORE purchase.

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Difficulty: Medium

This show is designed in four (4) movements.

  • Movement 1: REM   1:20
  • Movement 2: Nightmare   2:02 (from Toccata and Fugue in D Minor)
  • Movement 3: Dreams   2:11
  • Movement 4: Awakening   1:56


Featured Solos or Sections:

  • Mvt. 1 – Flute Trio, Horn Solo
  • Mvt. 2 – Front Ensemble, Woodwinds, Trumpets/Horns
  • Mvt. 3 – Front Ensemble, Horn Duet, Woodwinds
  • Mvt. 4 – Front Ensemble, Alto Saxes/Horns

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Front Ensemble, Full Score, Winds & Pit, Winds, Pit & Battery


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