Effect-centric show design for indoor drumline and marching band

What would your season look like if you could take the guesswork out of your show design?

Take your program to the next level with a show designed by Andrew Markworth.

Download and begin rehearsing award winning pageantry arts productions and pieces hand-selected for this public catalog.

All shows include copyright permissions for audio and video performances.

You receive a downloadable zipped file that includes:

  • PDF files of scores and extracted parts

  • Playback audio file to share with your visual staff
  • Samples and soundscape XML  files
  • Detailed show design notes and storyboarding

You are one click away from emailing scores, parts and playback files to your designers, staff and students…today.

Indoor Drumline

Masterfully designed indoor percussion shows with options for difficulty and orchestration.

Marching Band

Creative, competitive marching band shows with options for orchestration.

Creatively Crafted
& Ready for Rehearsal

Amazing seasons are found here, and they come in a zip file from Andrew Markworth

Concert Percussion

Original compositions arranged and orchestrated for the contemporary percussion ensemble.

Rhythm X Ballads

Ballad orchestrations made famous by 10 time PIW World Champion
Rhythm X


The show starts ‘in the lot’.  Lot Tunes are a collection of fun pieces that fun to play and draw a crowd.

In Motion

Smart teaching tools for music and marching fundamentals. A creative series of familiar melodies, and drill.