2 — Ways

1. Commission/Consultant

A collaborator of many colors, Andrew has worked with elite programs and organizations in the marching arts, most notably at the championship level in the WGI, DCI, and BOA arenas.

Programs that are interested in hiring Andrew as a show designer, arranger or consultant are encouraged to make contact early in the planning stages of an upcoming season.

Availability is limited. Directors are often engaging with Andrew immediately following the close of a season. If your interested in speaking with Andrew about your program, fill out the form below and provide some insight to your goals.

2. Customize a catalog show

Don’t let our version stop your creativity.

From small tweaks to dramatic rewrites, savvy designers take advantage of à la carte design services to create a customized score to meet their exact vision.

Fill in the form to initiate a consultation. Pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis based on the scope.

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