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“Blue” is a tribute to The Blue Man Group. This show is a little outside of the box and it incorporates a lot of special instruments to make interesting color pairings with battery features.

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Zip It

This is an incredibly fun show that features add-on effects that coordinate with zippering drill moves. You will hear zipper sounds throughout the show, but also the effect of being quiet when someone tells you to “zip it”!

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This Is Water

This show is based on the commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College. The show uses bits of the speech to create some thought provoking moments relating to living a compassionate life. Surrounding that, there are many colors and effects based on water sounds and imagery.

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The “power” of electricity is what keeps our world going in this day and age. This show features different electronic sounds and effects to provide an atmosphere for different currents and surges created by the battery voices.

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